JumpTask AMA Session #1: The Highlights

5 min readMar 21, 2022


This week, JumpTask’s CEO participated in an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session on the platform’s user communities on Discord and Telegram. Potential and existing users of JumpTask had a ton of questions about both the project’s future and its crypto coin JumpToken (JMPT)!

Since some of the answers might be more interesting to the general public than others, we selected 20 of the most telling to present to you on Medium, too. Enjoy!

Q1: Will it ever be possible to mine JMPT?

We don’t have that in our plans. But you will always be able to earn JMPT on the app, and if you want to invest, you can fund our Liquidity Pool and collect earnings from the transaction fees.

Q2: What are the benefits for holding JMPT?

IT WILL GROW IN VALUE! Well, objectively, the increase of partners and platform turnover will increase the token demand, which in turn should increase JMPT’s market value.

Q3: In what other ways can we earn JMPT?

  1. Completing tasks
  2. Adding to the Liquidity Pool

3. HODLing and earning from the price jump after every new module launch!

Q4: Will JMPT ever be worth more than it is right now, and what’s your prediction for the price of this token in the next 2 years?

The demand for JMPT will grow with the next module. Every coming module, in fact! We expect to see the price grow really soon. Despite that, we are focused on building a sustainable business without any speculations.

We will continue to sustain the growth rate of our user base and introduce new modules as described on the project’s roadmap. We’re planning for the platform turnover to be about $10M by the end of 2022 and $50M by the end of 2023. That’s a 3–5x YoY growth!

Since we haven’t done much in terms of active marketing for our token to crypto communities just yet, it’s only a matter of time till the investors realize our project’s potential. Investor capital will add an extra multiplier on the token price. So, $20, $100, or $1,000 for 1 JMPT — we’ll see in the future.

Q5: How will you prevent JMPT’s value from dropping too low?

Since we started without any fundraising and our partners are interested in buying JMPT as soon as they need their microtasks to be completed, the risk of the token’s value dropping is rather low. There will be a constant demand for our tokens.

Q6: Is it possible to make a feature where you can trade some of your JMPT for some BNB so that you can exchange it for some FIAT currency, since many people use Honeygain to earn for free?

We understand that for a regular Honeygain user, JumpTask might be their first step into the crypto world. Therefore, we invest our time and effort into helping our users and creating step-by-step instructions and videos.

We do not plan to focus on the CEX features — instead, we will concentrate on JumpTask earning features along with user education on how to live in the crypto world.

Q7: We will be rewarded with JMPT, but will it have some utility inside the JumpTask system? Like, can we use it to buy devices, subscriptions, etc.?

You will be able to buy services or completion of tasks on the JumpTask platform. For example, if you’re a student planning to start a research survey, you will be able to buy the answers from people with JMPT on the JumpTask app.

Q8: Burning?

We have no plans to introduce token burning for now.

Q9: When will you get listed on Binance?

We are hoping to get listed on Binance by the end of the year.

Q10: Is JMPT going to be listed as ERC-20?

Actually, we are already on ERC-20 — you can check multichain.org out (since it is in the testing phase, we haven’t announced this publicly yet).

Q11: Can we expect major CEX listings?

YES, we hope to get listed by the end of the year!

Q12: Will there ever be a referral program?

Yes, we get a lot of requests for that. We are planning to develop it sometime in between different earning modules.

Q13: Do you have an end goal for JumpTask?

To become the №1 app for work in the new world :)

Q14: Are you planning an airdrop?

We have a few ideas on how we would like to do an airdrop — we’ll let you know!

Q15: Will there be an exclusive Android application for future tasks?

Yes, we are already developing the Android app.

Q16: Are you planning to translate your website to other languages?

We are planning translations in the near future!

Q17: Please reduce the gas fees.

Sadly, we do not control the gas fees, but we have specifically chosen Binance Smart Chain as a popular platform with low gas fees. For example, if we based JMPT on the Ethereum network, each transaction would cost 100x higher.

Q18: How can I get rich by completing tasks on JumpTask?

Easy! Get 10,000 JMPT (you can buy it or earn it just by getting lots of active referrals on Honeygain), and when the price of JMPT increases to $100, you will be a millionaire!!

Q19: Will the survey system be based on JumpTask or Offerwalls? I hate to have to enter my information for every survey because the offerwalls do not retain it for later… And I hate it even more when I spend like 5–6 min answering and at the end they say I wasn’t qualified or the survey has got the max number of responses… I can understand it, but at least reward us with something for spending all that time…

You will see the first surveys on the Offerwalls module. In general, all of the surveys there should have a 100% reward.

As for the separate survey module, we are aware of these shortcomings of surveys, and at the start, we may have them too, but we will work on improving the situation.

Q20: Can we expect more ways to earn JMPT aside from Honeygain and Offerwalls within Q3 of 2022?

Yes, check our roadmap out. We are planning to end the year with 4 active task modules!

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JumpTask currently has 270K+ active users — nevertheless, there’s still enough room at the online earning table for you! Sign up on JumpTask. Buy JMPT. Take your part in the gig economy revolution.




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