JumpTask Announces Honeygain as Its First Official Partner

3 min readJan 20, 2022

JumpTask aims to change the current gig economy scene by enabling the people willing to complete simple tasks online for a monetary reward and companies that have a need for a crowdsourced workforce connect and collaborate easier. And it already has a strong partner for the journey — a passive income application Honeygain, that has been leading the web intelligence industry for over two years and currently has a multi-million user base sharing bandwidth on its apps for desktop and mobile devices.

‘Honeygain seemed like a natural fit for JumpTask since the team already has years of experience in crowdsourcing on a global level — moreover, it was already catering for those interested in cryptocurrencies by offering payments in Bitcoin,’ JumpTask’s CEO explains.

Honeygain’s mission to help its users earn effortlessly by simply running the app on their devices aligns perfectly with JumpTask’s aim to offer remote earning opportunities that take little to no time and effort to use.

Both teams were happy to witness the partnership’s success from the get-go: more than 15,000 Honeygain users joined the new JumpTask mode in the first 24 hours after it was launched. Just as expected, Honeygain provided JumpTask with access to a massive global audience with incredible turnover potential. Honeygain users can already earn in JumpTokens (JMPT) and enjoy much faster payouts with minimal transaction fees, as well as a limited-time early bird bonus.

As the first official partner, Honeygain has also received a share of JMPT reserved for Product and Partnerships by Jumptask.

The money was provided to fund the development and the launch of the new JumpTask mode in the platform and complete other steps necessary to onboard the users to it. Nevertheless, Honeygain has decided to lock a significant part of it — 5,900,000, to be precise — for six months.

The table representing the vesting schedule for JumpToken in 2022–2024.

Those who don’t understand this step clearly know little about the crypto world, as holding tokens instead of trading them is an increasingly popular strategy. In fact, it’s called HODL in crypto communities — and by taking this step, Honeygain is helping its users a lot. HODLing is one of the factors that impact the price of JMPT — it fluctuates a lot less, minimizing the risk of the token’s value changing drastically.

In fact, HODL is probably the smartest strategy for anyone obtaining JMPT at this point since it’s a way safer option for long-term investment. Since JumpTask is offering a trustworthy business model-driven blockchain product, the token that fuels it is not about to lose relevance — which minimizes the risks associated with storing it for long periods of time. As the demand grows and the supply gets lower (since a portion of JMPT remains locked), the token’s value will grow — and so will the savings of JumpTaskers. Don’t miss your chance to reserve a front-row seat.




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