10 Things You Should Know About JumpTask

6 min readMar 4, 2022


JumpTask has definitely started strong — which means hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have now heard about it, read about it, or tried it themselves. Nevertheless, we’re sure you can never be too informed — especially when it comes to projects that have something to do with earning or investing!

In this detailed article, you will find 10 must-know facts about JumpTask that will help you get to know the platform in-depth (or introduce it to your friends without making them read our extensive whitepaper!). From the initial idea to future ambitions — we’re about to cover it all!

1. It was launched on January 13, 2022

With the numbers the platform is boasting now, it’s hard to believe it — but JumpTask really is less than two months old at this point! In its first month, it attracted over 160K users, and almost 40K people accumulated some JumpTokens (JMPT) in their crypto wallets. By now, the number of active users has reached 230K+ — say what you will, but JumpTask really got a strong start!

2. It aims to use to blockchain technology to revolutionize the gig economy that currently valued at $400B+

Providing unmatched flexibility in terms of controlling your own workload and hours, the gig economy has been quickly gaining speed worldwide. While some people use gigs to complement their primary income, others replace it with them — often juggling a few different types of gigs at the same time. By consolidating dozens of earning opportunities into one convenient platform, JumpTask will make it a lot easier to handle! Using blockchain technology will add transparency and reliability to all contracts, and decentralized protocols developed in the third stage (see #6!) will turn the deals between task suppliers and workers effortless.

3. It uses JumpToken (JMPT) as its main currency

JumpTask launched its own crypto token to fuel the platform! It’s called JumpToken (JMPT), and is already among the Top 100 BSC ecosystem tokens globally in terms of holders.

JMPT is currently available on PancakeSwap – and the team is already working on getting it on UniSwap, too! JMPT has been audited by Quillhash. Every JumpTask’s partner has to obtain funds in JMPT to be able to offer users their tasks and compensate them for timely completion – which means the token has a strong inbuilt demand. Isn’t that what every investor wants to hear?

4. It was created by 2 seasoned crypto enthusiasts

While there of course are more specialists working on developing the app and the website, onboarding new partners, writing press releases, and doing other business-crucial work, there are 2 key people that came up with the initial idea of the platform and dove into it head-on:

  • Juozapas M. Preikša – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Justas Vasiliauskas – Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Both guys are not just highly experienced in their respective fields but have also been avid crypto enthusiasts for years. Did you know Juozapas bought his first coins a whole decade ago when cryptos were still considered niche? The duo's collective experience and interests enabled them to understand the needs of the market really well and come up with an innovative project that both businesses and individuals around the world can benefit from.

5. It plans to gradually introduce 15+ task modules

Being a new kid on the block, JumpTask initially planned to only introduce one task module per quarter. However, since forming a strong partnership enabled it to reach its first goals way faster than anticipated, the second module is now already in development and will debut by the middle of March. As time goes by, more and more task modules will be introduced gradually into the platform: as of now, there are more than 15 modules planned.

What earning opportunities can you expect exactly? Think of image interpretation, small-scale translations, polls and surveys, watching ads or manually testing applications. The more modules we introduce, the more users can earn with JumpTask – and the ever-growing user base is the best motivator for new partners to join the platform with their supply of new tasks.

JumpTask roadmap. Source: Whitepaper

6. Each task module will be launched in 3 stages of development

However great and beneficial for an innovation project blockchain and decentralization are, they are also complex and time-consuming. They also make it harder to onboard new partners, who might not necessarily have any previous experience with blockchain technology and may require extensive support. Because of this, the team has decided to simplify onboarding by implementing each new module in 3 distinct steps:

  • Direct Business (finding new partners, onboarding and supporting them via mediation)
  • Marketplace (giving established partners more control over their tasks and providing users with a marketplace-like gig selection)
  • Decentralized Protocol (using BSC smart contract templates to decentralize the global gig economy)

This way, each new partner will be able to step into the platform at a comfortable pace, gradually getting more and more control over their task supply. In the end, they can start signing contracts with workers without any involvement by JumpTask!

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Everyone who has ever tried to launch a business knows the first partnerships are crucial. Not only do they play a massive role in shaping your project’s public image and gaining trust, but they can also enable you to directly reach your potential user base if you play your cards right!

JumpTask certainly did do their homework very well in this regard: they succeeded by getting a passive income application Honeygain as their first partner – a company that not only has a massive user base that’s enthusiastic about earning opportunities but has also been in the industry for 2+ years and can share a ton of technological know-how. Luckily, Honeygain was actively looking for ways to offer their users faster payouts with minimal fees – and the BSC-based JMPT turned out to be the perfect option!

8. It’s a place to not just make money but also discover crypto

According to Crypto.com, only about 106 million people in the entire world are currently using cryptocurrencies – which means a massive part of the world is yet to discover them. Even though millions more find it fascinating, many are unsure whether they should invest their hard-earned fiat money on something they still have little understanding about. But you can’t really learn if you never try, right? JumpTask is a great place for people to start earning in crypto without investing too much time or effort and start using these profits to trade or HODL – the choice is theirs.

9. To build trust, JumpTask has locked its current liquidity pool

A liquidity pool is an absolute must for any crypto project since it allows for decentralized trading facilitation. It’s also rather common among transparent and trustworthy projects to lock a part of it away as a certain anti-scam guarantee: locked funds make it impossible for the team to trick the investors by collecting the money and leaving the project to rust. JumpTask has locked its current liquidity pool for six months. “We want our users and investors to understand that we’re not here for a quick ride – we strive to have a massive and long-term impact on the gig economy industry,” Adomas Ronkaitis, the company’s CBDO, concludes.

10. In 2 years, it plans to become the world’s largest gig economy platform with 50M users

The start of JumpTask was very strong – and yet, it’s still the beginning of the journey! Already signing new partnerships and developing new modules, the team is planning a steady growth in terms of both user base and task supply. The more modules and task types we introduce, the larger user base we can attract – which in turn encourages even more partners to join.

According to McKinsey, those who are currently working in the gig economy declare the highest levels of personal happiness of all workforce segments. In addition, millions of full-time workers are looking to supplement their main income with side gigs – which means there’s a massive potential for a globally-available online earning platform that offers its users a chance to make money in various but never complex or time-consuming ways.

Interested in earning online and exploring the crypto world in the process? Join JumpTask now and get ready for the revolution.




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