JumpTask’s Vision: a 100% Decentralized Workforce

6 min readMar 9, 2022

The global gig economy keeps growing — however, it is nowhere near its limit. And there are multiple arguments why it cannot currently reach its maximum potential:

The global gig economy keeps growing — however, it is nowhere near its limit. And there are multiple arguments why it cannot currently reach its maximum potential:

  • Lack of knowledge: millions of people simply don’t know enough about alternative ways of earning and aren’t sure where to start
  • Technical requirements: many ways to earn on the side are based on specific skills and/or experience that a regular person does not necessarily possess
  • Limited access to financial services (e.g., PayPal): earning on a remote basis is nearly unattainable for the unbanked and underbanked

JumpTask aims to change the game entirely by launching a user-friendly and globally accessible remote work platform where users can earn crypto by completing simple tasks that do not require any special preparation (such as training) or prolonged-time commitments. It offers a perfect way to spend their free time productively — and profitably, too!

Joining and Earning With JumpTask

There are two ways for a user to make money on JumpTask: they can either earn crypto by completing various microtasks available on the platform or keep their earnings (HODL) as a long-term investment and benefit from its rising value in time.

Joining JumpTask as a user is simple — you need to register on the website using your cryptocurrency wallet where you will be collecting the JumpTokens (JMPT) you earn. Then, you are free to start completing small tasks (e.g., filling out surveys, watching ads, or manually testing apps) provided by our partners and earn crypto to your connected wallet. The number of available task modules will gradually increase; there are currently 15+ modules in plans. Another way to start investing in JMPT is, of course, buying some tokens on PancakeSwap.

The idea of using JMPT to fuel the JumpTask platform is rather straightforward: all the partners need to buy JMPT to be able to compensate the users for completing the tasks they supply, which creates a constant demand for the token — and it will keep growing with every new partner onboarded! Moreover, since many users ultimately decide to HODL their JMPT, the supply of the token will remain on the lower side — and low supply plus high demand means the token’s value is destined to grow.

Unlimited Business Use Cases

JumpTask’s innovative approach solves two issues at once: not only does it enable its users to make money, but it also helps companies worldwide to get their workload minimized by the global workforce.

The growing popularity of freelancing platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork shows the demand for short-term projects keeps growing. Thousands of companies worldwide experience the need to have a lot of microtasks completed quickly and securely — however, hiring new staff (often on a temporary basis) or overloading existing teams is too expensive of a solution. Moreover, a global aspect is sometimes required (e.g., for testing localization in different regions).

Since these tasks are often unrelated to having any specific skill or experience, they can be easily crowdsourced to people worldwide looking to make money in their free time. By becoming JumpTask’s partner, any company (or even an individual, if they have such needs) can have vast amounts of microtasks completed by the global workforce in a fast and secure manner.

Need a practical example? Here’s one. Jane Doe is a businesswoman who plans to launch a new product — however, since manufacturing is expensive, she wants to make sure there is a strong demand for it and better identify the needs of the global market.

By partnering up with JumpTask, Jane can add a user survey to the platform as a task and get it filled out by millions of users around the world, thus collecting invaluable insights. This solution would be both a lot quicker and cheaper than hiring a market research company for the project.

Successful First Partnership

As of now, onboarding businesses as partners is one of JumpTask’s most important tasks. As we’ve mentioned before, large-scale institutional demand has a strong positive impact on the demand for JMPT — plus, more partners means more tasks and more earning opportunities, which translates into stronger user acquisition potential.

JumpTask’s first official partner is Honeygain — a world-leading passive income application that allows its users to earn by sharing their extra internet bandwidth. By introducing JumpTask to a massive global audience with a strong interest in passive income and cryptocurrencies, the partnership helped the project deliver on its promises for Q1 in record time.

Another reason we’re very happy about our partnership with Honeygain is their understanding and actual help when it comes to us achieving our goals. With close to three years of industry experience, its team hasn’t yet forgotten what it’s like to be a newbie! While JumpTask has a really strong development team of its own, Honeygain has helped us immensely by developing the new JumpTask mode on their platform and supporting us along the way.

Fueling JumpTask With JMPT

The decision to launch the platform’s own token called JumpToken (JMPT) was made due to multiple compelling reasons:

  • Unlike financial services (e.g., PayPal), cryptocurrencies are nearly globally accessible, enabling the unbanked and underbanked to earn
  • Issuing payments on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network involves a lot lower transaction fees than fiat transactions
  • Payments in crypto can be completed a lot faster than international fiat transactions

JMPT was launched on January 13, 2022 — and by March 1, it already had almost 70K holders. It is a utility token that aims to both decentralize the global gig economy and make entry to the crypto market smoother and easier for newcomers.

Being able to earn it easily by completing microtasks, users can feel more confident about trading and exploring the crypto world without risking their fiat savings. Those who want to have a more significant amount of JMPT without waiting always have an option to buy some at the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange.

Why is it worth investing? We told you about the inbuilt demand principle a bit earlier — and now, we’ve got facts and numbers to prove the growth is already going strong. The JMPT-fueled JumpTask platform has attracted over 240K active users, and more than 100K transactions involving JMPT have already been made by 68K token holders. All this in less than two months after the launch — and with no massive marketing campaigns launched just yet!

As of now, there’s only one task module available on the new platform, but the second one has already been announced to be premiering in March. This time, JumpTask will be launching Offerwalls — and the 15+ task modules planned to introduce over the upcoming quarters include but are not limited to ad watching, app testing, image interpretation, and surveys.

Every new module means new partners, new tasks, and new earning opportunities — as well as heightened market demand for JMPT!

To simplify the onboarding of new partners and ensure a smoother user experience, all new modules will be introduced in three distinct stages, starting from the Direct Business stage. Then, it will move into the Marketplace stage, providing the platform’s partners with more control over their task supply.

Finally, using the know-how and the principles collected and clarified in the previous stages, JumpTask will dive into the Decentralized Protocol stage, using smart contract templates to facilitate mediation-free deals between partners and users. All finalized contracts will be stored securely on the blockchain.

Interested in joining JumpTask just in time for the revolution? Grab your seat now!




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