Introducing Offerwalls — a Brand New Earning Opportunity Coming to JumpTask in March

5 min readMar 10, 2022

Last update: 18 August 2022

The original plan of the JumpTask team was to introduce one earning module per quarter. Nevertheless, the incredible results and a fast-growing user base has been a great motivation boost — and now, JumpTask is planning to present the second earning module just two months after the initial launch of the platform.

Offerwalls are set to debut on March 21, opening up a whole new type of microtasks for JumpTask users to complete for JumpToken (JMPT). At first, it will operate in Beta version so the development team can still do some required testing when needed. What exactly can our 244K+ active users expect from Offerwalls, and what does the introduction mean for JumpTask? Let's dive right in!


- JumpTask will be launching the Beta version of its second earning module called Offerwalls on March 21- An offerwall is a lot like an in-app marketplace of offers users can complete in exchange for rewards (in this case – JMPT)- These offers can include surveys, app downloads, ad watching, and so on- The introduction of a new partner will bring a wider selection of microtasks, as well as higher demand for JMPT, raising its market value

What Offerwalls Are and How They Work

In its essence, an offerwall is a form of in-app advertising. Resembling a small marketplace, it can be added to nearly any app, offering its users a chance to earn some money by completing the offers they choose from the list.

New task module preview on JumpTask web app

If you’re a fan of mobile games, you have probably seen offerwalls in them. It’s a common way to allow gamers to earn some extra in-game currency (think coins or diamonds) by:

  • Trying out a particular service or app: by asking you to complete certain steps, the offer provider can see how smooth your experience is and how simple you find the in-app navigation
  • Trying out a new game: reaching a particular level in a game allows you to try different actions, form a stronger opinion, and see whether you genuinely enjoy it
  • Completing a survey or sharing an opinion on a particular service: helping companies understand their target audiences and their needs a lot better
  • Watching a short video, such as a commercial or a movie trailer etc.

On JumpTask, however, the offerwalls will allow you to earn actual money in the form of cryptocurrency — JMPT. While most of the tasks will resemble those of the classic offerwalls, users will be able to enjoy tangible financial rewards instead of just fueling their gaming hobby.

The cryptocurrency and blockchain markets are expanding at an incredible pace – which means it’s a great time to become (or grow as) a crypto investor. As of December, the global crypto market capitalization was over $2.2 trillion – and it’s only projected to grow. According to Statista, the global blockchain market is expected to surpass $39 billion in the next three years.

Currently, JumpTask has three Offerwall providers:

  • OfferToro
  • ayeT-Studios
  • AdGate Media

All providers are leading companies in the Offerwall space, providing various offers to people worldwide. JumpTask team launched a partnership with AdGate Media on 18 August 2022. The company is a well-established player in the Offerwall industry, operating since 2011 and having years of experience.

AdGate Media is helping JumpTask to expand its offers to previously less-covered markets, such as Brazil, India, and Turkey, to name a few.

The Impact of Launching the New Module

For JumpTask, launching Offerwalls in March is a strong sign that the platform is going strong. If you look at our roadmap, we were only planning to introduce the second module in Q2 — however, with most of the team’s Q1 plans reached by mid-February, it makes sense to put the pedal to the metal and get on with widening the selection of microtasks available on the platform.

“The fact that our user base is growing at such a massive pace and we’re not just achieving our plans in time but exceeding them shows that JumpTask definitely has a massive potential to change the current gig economy. The ability to provide a selection of earning opportunities in one convenient place makes the platform very appealing to users worldwide who want to make the most of their free time and supplement their primary income,” Juozapas M. Preiksa, the CEO and co-founder of JumpTask, explains.

It’s also important to remember that a new module means more than just new earning opportunities for the app users — it’s also great news for crypto investors. By bringing in a number of new partners, it raises the market demand for JMPT:

  • Every new partner needs to purchase JMPT to be able to compensate JumpTask users for the tasks they complete
  • The more new tasks are available to the user, the more of them get completed and the more rewards are issued in JMPT
  • As numbers of both JMPT transactions and holders constantly grow, so does the demand — and with the supply of the token remaining limited, this translates to boosts in value

Simply put, the more the JumpTask ecosystem grows with time, the more demand there is for JMPT and the more its value increases. And for a platform that introduces its second huge partnership in just two months, the sky is definitely the limit!

Remember: it’s not too late to sign up on JumpTask. While the number of active users is growing rapidly, it’s just a warm-up before the massive marketing campaigns launch.

Make sure you join in time for the revolution.




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