JumpTask Live AMA Session #2: The Highlights

3 min readJul 13, 2022

Last week, JumpTask’s CEO delivered a live Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session to address the growing communities of Discord and Telegram.

In case you missed it, here are the top 10 questions from the session to get you up to speed! Read until the end to see why you should join the next AMA. Let’s go!

| Q1: Do you plan to start a referral program on JumpTask? E.g., a one-time reward for adding a friend on Jumptask.

We are planning to introduce it in 2022, most probably in Q4.

| Q2: During the current crypto crisis, what will the developers do to strengthen the price of the JMPT so that it is stable in the market?

We are constantly working on getting new partners on the platform. That’s because the more partners we have, the higher the demand and turnover of JumpToken, which supports its price level.

| Q3: How can one get JumpTokens?

It’s pretty easy with these three options:

  1. Go to https://app.jumptask.io/login and complete a task offer
  2. Install Honeygain and earn credits that get turned into JumpTokens
  3. Participate in our monthly Windrops and win JMPT when the month is over.

| Q4: Are You planning to add other staking pools with higher APY and different locking periods?

Yes, we are. Staking is designed in such a way that it’s possible to have multiple staking pools. I don’t have an exact date now, but with more tasks completed, we will have a larger budget to introduce new staking pools.

| Q5: Where can I find Wizardia offers?

We don’t have any Wizardia offers just yet. We are developing the offer package during July and aim to have it ready by August!

| Q6: Are you planning on adding any other earning methods? If so, how many countries will they be available in?

JumpTask is a worldwide app that anyone can use anywhere in the world.

We plan to add at least 1 new task type per quarter for the next 5 years. We are constantly looking to provide many different earning options for our community members.

| Q7: When did you guys make the JMPT, and how many employees do you have?

Currently, we have 25 employees and will hire more people in the future. We thought of the idea on April 1, 2021, and started putting the tokenomics together in September. Finally, we set up the smart contract on New Year’s Eve and launched the app on January 13, 2022.

| Q8: What are the qualifications for JMPT to get listed on Binance?

We would need more volume for the token before listing it on Binance. Currently, the token is used mainly by JumpTask users. If more people find JMPT as an investment opportunity and raise the daily trade volume, the chances for listing would grow considerably.

| Q9: What is Jumptask’s biggest competition? (If it exists). What is your key advantage over your competition, and why?

Our main competition is click-to-earn websites, where they pay you for completing simple tasks, such as watching videos. However, all of them operate with fiat currencies, limiting where you can actually do transactions. We use the crypto token JMPT, meaning people can receive payments anywhere in the world.

| Q10: How are APRs calculated, and when are they reinjected into the wallet?

The Staking reward is added to your JumpTask account. You can withdraw your reward if you wish to. As for the APR, it’s calculated based on the amount of JMPT staked. Every month we have an amount of money awarded to the audience based on how much JMPT turnover we have.

And now — why should you join the next JumpTask AMA session with Juozapas?

We gave away 10 JMPT to a lucky user during our live stream. During next AMA, we might do the same, or increase the reward!

Make sure not to miss the next session — see you there.

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