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4 min readJun 29, 2022

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Considering the still rapid growth of JumpTask, slowing down and admiring what had been achieved is not the correct mindset. With the constant expansion, user engagement comes as an important step towards success. That is why the JumpTask team is introducing monthly Windrop campaigns!


> JumpTask introduces its own version of airdrops, called Windrop, providing a chance to win $JMPT for their users;> These Windrop campaigns are set to be organized each month;> The challenges for participation are set to differ each month;> Despite the differences, the winnings will be worth the participant’s while.

What is a Windrop?

The JumpTask team launched its own version of airdrop, called Windrop. How they work is very similar to the airdrops that you already know about. Basically, the idea behind them is that by participating in them, you get a chance to win a certain amount of JMPT.

Participation can be done in a variety of ways. Sometimes, it is as simple as providing your wallet address, whereas other times, you would need to do certain challenges (such as sharing a social media post, making a purchase, etc.)

On JumpTask, these Windrop campaigns are set to be organized on monthly basis, meaning that a new Windrop will happen each month.

The August Windrop

The August Windrop is based on weekly tasks and involves the Grand Prize as well. The prize pool allocated for this Windrop is 1,500 JMPT (with 750 JMPT for the Grand Prize).

Each week, a new task will be provided, which you need to complete in order to be eligible to win. With it, a certain number of winners will be picked out.

Besides the weekly tasks, there is also the Grand Prize. You need to participate in at least one weekly task in order to be eligible to win it. Also, participation in each weekly challenge exponentially increases your chances of winning the Grand Prize. Completing the first weekly task will give you a 35% increase in the chances of winning it, and the other weekly tasks will give you a 5% increase each.

The winners of both the weekly tasks and the Grand Prize will be announced on the 1st of September on the August Windrop website and on the social media pages of JumpTask.

The June Windrop

Currently, a June Windrop is underway and coming to a close. As noted previously, some Windrop campaigns would raise challenges that you would need to fulfill in order to be eligible for participation. In the case of June Windrop, the rules for participation were as follows:

  1. Sign up with your wallet;
  2. Get 10 (or more) JMPT and hold them for 10 days;
  3. Register your wallet on the JumpTask Windrop page.

At the time of writing, there are 675 participants in this Windrop. Out of these, 25 winners will be picked out and will receive a shared prize of 250 JMPT.

The winners will be announced on the JumpTask Windrop page, hence, in case of your own participation, you should check that page out on the 1st of July, 2022 to see if you are one of the lucky winners.

Participation in Future Windrop Campaigns

As noted, the JumpTask team is planning to organize a Windrop each month. This indicates that in case you did participate in the June Windrop but were not one of the lucky ones to win, there will be plenty of chances to participate again and win big in the future. By participating in each of these Windrop campaigns, you could increase your chances of winning and hence increase your winnings overall.

Since Windrop campaigns will be organized on a monthly basis, the rules of them are subject to change. They will not always remain on the same flow as with the June Windrop, hence, we would recommend checking out the JumpTask Windrop page each month, or following updates on our social media pages, to both see the new Windrop campaigns that are available, and to check if you won.

As with all Windrop (and airdrop campaigns, for that matter), the key tips would be to participate actively and to make sure that you followed all the steps that are required for participation. Unfortunately, sometimes a simple mistake is what may cost the chance to become a winner.

In regards to purposeful attempts to circumvent the conditions, each and every participant is checked to comply with the rules of Windrop. Needless to say, those who are not eligible are eliminated.

With the June Windrop coming to an end, check if you are one of the winners on the JumpTask Windrop page when the 1st of July hits. If you did not participate, check the page out for another Windrop that is set to arrive then. Remember, the Windrop campaigns will be done on monthly basis. Best of luck!

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