Understanding the JumpTask Team: What Drives It Forward?

JumpTask users already know the project launched without organizing ICOs or other ways of attracting external investments. They also understand that a platform that aims to revolutionize the gig economy on a global scale cannot be created out of thin air — so what funds helped spur JumpTask into action? In this article, we’re explaining how we gathered the funds required to launch the project, and how we’re using the portion of JMPT’s total supply allocated to the team.


- JumpTask was initially funded by enthusiastic team members, whose investments became a liquidity pool for JumpToken (JMPT).- The team members have no equity in JumpTask.- 20% of the total JMPT supply is allocated to the team – however, this amount will be unlocked gradually throughout the next 3 years, initiating only after 2 years.- Tokens allocated for the team will mainly be used to attract new talents in the challenging hiring environment and stay competitive in the long term.

Backed by Trust

“JumpTask is a project I was very passionate about from the get-go. It’s been 4 years since I first thought of the idea,” our CEO Juozapas M. Preiksa explains. Having been a crypto enthusiast and investor for the last decade, he has spent a ton of time planning and developing his own project, too — one that would stand out by creating actual value and improving people’s life all around the globe.

Years of work experience and networking in the mobile and desktop applications industry helped Mr. Preiksa build a strong team of professionals united by the same goal. “I explained my idea for JMPT tokenomics to then-potential team members, and their reactions were extremely positive and supportive. In fact, the project idea was so convincing the members ultimately decided to put their own money towards its development,” he reveals.

Team members have zero equity in the company. However, once JumpToken (JMPT) was introduced to the crypto market, they showed their trust by hurrying up to buy it and help get its value off the ground. This way, we were able to gather enough funds to form a solid liquidity pool for JMPT.

Locking the Funds

Those who follow JumpTask or have read extensively about it know that the project’s liquidity pool and the majority of the remaining tokens are locked for the time being. This decision has been made to prevent the risks commonly associated with crypto projects, including but not limited to massive token value fluctuations.

Locked funds also reassure investors that the project is legitimate: since the money cannot be moved or withdrawn, the team cannot abandon the project in its early stages. Nor would we here at JumpTask ever want to: armed with a long-term vision and strong strategy, we have plans to grow the platform and its token for years to come.

Maintaining Motivation

All the project team members are professionals in their respective fields. By using their experience and know-how, they’re getting JumpTask closer to global success every day — and attracting 356K+ active users in three months’ time is just one example of their accomplishments.

With all the trust in the project, we don’t really need any additional reasons to stay motivated — and yet, the members’ personal investments in JMPT definitely do act as one. The more JumpTask and its token thrives as time goes by, the more JMPT holders will profit from their investments in the long term.

20% of JMPT’s total supply has also been allocated to the team during the token creation. While some believe this number is a little big, they often fail to notice all of these tokens are locked for the entire first year of the project.

Mr. Preiksa explains that the allocation was made to not just provide long-term motivation to the team but also invest into its inevitable expansion down the line:

“Crypto and blockchain industries are growing at lightning speed, and the competition for talents is insane. We need to be able to attract the best people — and skimping on that is out of the question.”

Can’t wait to see what JumpTask achieves next? Join us now — you’re just in time for the revolution.




JumpTask - a gig economy-based marketplace that allows companies to make the most out of the collective skills possessed by a globally dispersed workforce.

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JumpTask - a gig economy-based marketplace that allows companies to make the most out of the collective skills possessed by a globally dispersed workforce.

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