JumpTask September 2022 AMA: Top 7 Highlights

3 min readSep 13, 2022


It’s that time of the month again: JumpTask comes back with another monthly AMA session to keep you updated. However, this time the AMA was special.

CEO joined forces with JumpTask CBDO Adomas Ronkaitis! The two answered the most important questions from the community.

Let’s dive into the top 7 highlights.

| Q1: Is it possible to mint $JMPT?

All JumpTokens are already minted, and ±95% of the supply is locked for the long term. So $JMPT is not a mineable token.

However, currently, we offer 5 ways to earn it on our app. With reasonable effort, it is possible to earn more tokens than one could get while mining coins from other projects.


| Q2: Will this token be listed anytime soon in any exchange?

We are already listed on PancakeSwap with solid liquidity. For now, we have 2 pools, JMPT/BUSD and JMPT/BNB, so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Also, we plan to get listed on a legitimate and widely used CEX by the end of this year, which will further increase our token accessibility.


| Q3: Any plans to burn $JMPT in the future?

Not at the moment. Currently, we don’t see any case where burning our token would bring any additional utility. For now, the token price purely reflects the market’s demand and supply.

Curious to dive deeper? Watch the full version here:


| Q4: A question. What makes JumpTask different from other cryptocurrencies while most are melting? How is JumpTask against the bear market?

Our token is backed by a real business case and our globally dispersed user base. We manage to keep the steady growth without any hype cycles, pump and dumps, or burning, all thanks to the efficiency of our business.

When other projects release almost their entire token supply to the market in one go, the tokens become vulnerable to general market fluctuations. With JumpTask, we take a more gradual approach to releasing JumpTokens.


| Q5: What kind of utility are you expecting JMPT to be used for?

The main target utility will be tasks that humans can do. Blockchain will facilitate task set-up. At our current stage, we are developing the whole task base and building demand for these tasks.

The next step will be a marketplace, and lastly, we will put all of the completable task code onto the chain. All businesses will be able to set up tasks using JumpTask smart contracts and hire people from the available global pool.


| Q6: Please update us on JumpToken, such as supply and token vesting. According to BscScan, the supply is not changing. Is the token going to be released by the end of 2025 at this rate?

Well, BscScan is reporting our total supply, which is 100 Million Jumptokens. This is correct but does not show our Current Circulating Supply, which is around 2 million tokens.

You can see our Tokenomics documents on our Whitepaper page. You will see how the whole vesting process goes and at which step we are.

You can also always check CoinGeck for the latest information on JMPT:

| Q7: How much USD do you think JMPT will reach? Specify times approximately.

We cannot predict the token price as we do not control price fluctuations.

All we can say is that the more partners we sign, the more tasks our users complete, and the more tokens are staked — the more likely our token price will grow.

Make sure to attend the next AMA to get the important news first. And in the meantime, head over to JumpTask’s Windrop page to learn how you can win JMPT!

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