JumpTask Monthly Update #7: November Highlights

4 min readDec 5, 2022


A month filled with community events. The JumpTask team releases its 7th monthly publication of the company’s achievements and statistics.

November 2022 involved an earnings boost, a $JMPT contest, and the AMA session with CEO Juozapas.

Let’s check what else made November special!

3 Key Highlights

1. 1,000 $JMPT Windrop

The JumpTask team organizes monthly $JMPT contests. In November, JumpTask members shared a prize pool of 1,000 $JMPT (or approximately $2,350) in November.

In 2022 so far, JumpTask distributed 5,750 of $JMPT in its Windrop monthly campaign!

2. Monthly AMA

JumpTask organizes monthly AMA sessions to address the growing community. In September, the ask-me-anything session was different. CEO Juozapas joined forces with CBDO Adomas as they answered community questions during the live stream.

Take 3 minutes to read the top 7 highlights here:

Or check out the full video:

3. Big Black Boost

JumpTask increased its micro-task earnings by 33.3% for 3 days as part of the Black Friday event. As the project keeps growing, the team gives back to its community with multiple earnings boosts, $JMPT contests, and other events.

Key Statistics

JumpTask showed strong performance during the month. 160K+ new members joined JumpTask during the month, taking the total user base to 1.71M+.

The $JMPT price dipped slightly to $2.33. However, that is expected in the cryptocurrency market, especially in the current turbulent economic conditions. In November, the situation regarding the FTX also had a negative impact on the cryptocurrency market.

Platform Development and Other Activities

The JumpTask team worked on many fronts during November:

  • Updated Website. JumpTask developers and designers are at the final stages of releasing the new website, which will be launched soon.
  • CEX Listing. The JumpTask team is in talks with CEXs to get $JMPT listed. However, given the current crypto market environment, JumpTask
  • New Payout Options. The team is working to introduce new ways to collect payouts — more information will be released in the beginning of next year.
  • New Staking Pools. JumpTask is also working on new staking pools, which are expected to be released in the beginning of next year.

Crypto Market Overview

The crypto market experienced stronger pressure during November than in the previous months. First, the economic conditions of still above-target inflation and increased interest rates makes it harder for people to borrow, spend, and invest money.

At the same time, the situation regarding FTX sent waves throughout the market. There was no direct impact on JumpTask, as it did not have any exposure in the exchange. However, the general negative sentiment in the market affected almost all tokens indirectly.

Nevertheless, the crypto market will go through the current difficult season. There have been multiple crashes at the time, which the market survived. As the market absorbs the news surrounding the FTX, and the economic conditions improve, the market will bounce back.

Upcoming Updates

JumpTask is looking to include more offers in its Offerwall JumpOffers in the next month. The platform users can find these in the Featured Offers section.

People on JumpTask can earn at least $100 from Featured Offers alone! This is one of the plans of JumpTask: to increase the earning potential of every platform user.

The JumpTask team is also working on its Referral program. The first instalment is expected to be released in December.

JumpTask continues to deliver new milestones, earning opportunities, and community events. There is still one month left in 2022 and the team will be working to end the year on a high note: to improve its platform and offer new ways to earn for JumpTask members. Stay tuned.




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