JumpTask Monthly Update #5: September Highlights

4 Key Highlights

1. 200k+ JMPT Staking Milestone

2. 1,500 $JMPT Windrop

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3. Special AMA

4. +50% Earning Bonus

Key Statistics

$JMPT Price: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/jumptoken/
JumpTask Userbase Growth in 2022

Platform Development and Other Activities

  • Upgraded Website. JumpTask developers and designers continued to work on the new website, which will be released soon.
  • New Offers. The team resumed working on its own offers, which the JumpTask community will be able to complete. This will be the first step toward the next phase of the JumpTask ecosystem — the marketplace. With the development now being done, more details are to follow soon!
  • CEX Listing. The JumpTask team is communicating with CEXs to get $JMPT listed. This remains JumpTask’s fundamental goal. Currently, JumpTask is listed on DEX PancakeSwap.
  • Bug Fixes and Updates. JumpTask developers are working around the clock to make the platform work smoothly. During the month, JumpTask was constantly improving its dashboards and interfaces to make the user experience as smooth as possible.

Crypto Market Overview

Upcoming Updates

  • Starter: 70,000 tokens
  • Gainer: 55,000 tokens
  • Pro: 180,000 tokens

Visit our staking page to learn all you need about JumpTask staking APRs and other benefits.



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JumpTask - the gig economy-based marketplace that allows companies to make the most out of the collective skills possessed by a globally dispersed workforce.