JumpTask Monthly Update #4: August Highlights

  • Starter, Earner and Pro Pools had 22.1%, 32.2%, and 38.7% APRs, respectively.
  • 37,832 new JMPT were staked in 10 days since the upgrade was launched.
  • New Website. JumpTask developers and designers continued to work on the new website, which will be released this year.
  • New Offers. The team began working on its own offers which the JumpTask community will be able to complete. This will be the first step towards the next phase of the JumpTask ecosystem — marketplace. More details to follow.
  • Current downward trend is due to economic issues of inflation and interest rate rises
  • All markets are experiencing fluctuations, such as stocks, real estate and others
  • In the long-term, asset values go up in general; short-term declines lose relevance
  • Windrop. JumpTask is keeping its Windrop prize pool at 1,500 JMPT in September, same as in August. As JumpTask’s community is growing, the team will continue to support its member base with various giveaways and contests.
  • New Offers. As already mentioned, JumpTask plans to introduce its own-branded offers to its users in September — make sure to follow JumpTask Twitter for the latest updates.
> JumpTask launched Staking Tiers: the APRs ranged between 20% to 38% at month end;> 1,500 $JMPT was distributed to users during monthly Windrop;> JumpTask community reached a 1M+ global member milestone;> The team signed a partnership with a new Offerwalls micro task provider;> JumpTask introduced a new earning type – Surveys.



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JumpTask - the gig economy-based marketplace that allows companies to make the most out of the collective skills possessed by a globally dispersed workforce.