JumpTask Monthly Update #3: July Highlights

5 min readAug 2, 2022

The JumpTask team releases its third monthly publication of the company’s achievements and statistics. July 2022 was a memorable month for JumpTask, involving another earning type launch and multiple community events with $JMPT giveaways.

> JumpTask launched Games earning type where users play games to earn $JMPT;> JumpTask released 250 $JMPT to its community in the monthly give-away – Windrop;> Juozapas M. Preikša, CEO of JumpTask, delivered a live AMA session to address the growing community;> Over 223k+ users joined JumpTask in July; the total user base stood at 981k+ at the end of the month.

Key Highlights

JumpTask has already attracted more than 981k+ active users by the end of July. As the user base is getting closer to 1M milestone, JumpTask served its community in multiple ways:

Games Task Type. JumpTask introduced another earning method to its users:

  • JumpTask members can now play various games to earn $JMPT tokens.
  • Users start earning instantly: with each new level reached, new rewards are unlocked. Players don’t need to complete the whole game before getting paid.
  • JumpTask will continue to update and improve the Games task type to include more gaming opportunities.


Monthly Windrop. JumpTask continued with its monthly edition of $JMPT drop to its users — Windrop. 25 lucky winners shared a 250 $JMPT prize pool in July. As Windrop became a popular event, JumpTask is increasing the reward significantly in August.


AMA session. Juozapas M. Preikša, the CEO of JumpTask, delivered a live AMA (Ask Me Anything) session during which he answered questions about JumpTask. You can read a quick summary of the essential point, or watch the whole recording:

‘Task-a-thon’ event. JumpTask introduced a weekly summer event in July. Community members shared a prize pool of 400 $JMPT during the month. All participants had to complete various tasks on JumpTask social channels to win $JMPT.

Key Statistics

JumpTask showed strong performance during the month. 223k members joined the JumpTask during the month (209k new members were attracted during June). The team finished the month just behind the 1M user mark, which will be celebrated next month.

The $JMPT price stood slightly lower than the previous month at $1.90. You can check the live price changes here:

Platform Development and Other Activities

The JumpTask team worked on many fronts during July:

  • New Website. JumpTask developers and designers were working on the new website development, including new landing pages and dashboards to improve the user experience significantly. Initial layouts are already prepared, and the website will be launched this year.
  • Surveys Earning Type. The JumpTask team is launching another earning type — Surveys — for the platform’s members. More details to follow shortly.
  • Offerwalls improvements. Developers were continuously improving the dashboard of the Offerwalls earning type to make the experience smoother for its users.
  • Staking updates. The JumpTask team was working on a new staking type introduction, where crypto investors will have more opportunities to generate crypto rewards.
  • New Partner Onboarding. The JumpTask’s business development team was in talks with several potential partners as the team is seeking to build a strong network in the crypto space.


Crypto Market Overview

The current crypto market sentiment differs from last year when all major cryptocurrencies displayed astronomical growth. However, the market performance in July was better than in June. Bitcoin and Ethereum were up 20% and 50% from June prices, respectively.

However, fluctuations are expected due to macroeconomic uncertainty. With inflation still at multi-year highs worldwide, central banks embarked on aggressive interest rate rises. This resulted in a downward trend of risky asset prices such as stocks and crypto.

The key to navigating such an economic environment is robust business fundamentals. Companies and projects that cautiously manage their debt levels have strong revenue streams and a broad client base that will continue to expand in the current market conditions.


Next: Upcoming Updates

  • Surveys Task Type Launch. JumpTask is releasing a new earning type next month. The team expects this to be one of the biggest launches of Q3, which will unlock new opportunities for JumpTask members. Estimated release date is Aug 11, 2022.
  • Windrop. JumpTask is increasing its Windrop prize pool significantly in August. The team is also introducing a new tier-based system where users will be able to increase their chances of winning. More details to follow.

JumpTask reached substantial milestones despite the ongoing downward sentiment in the general crypto market. Backed with robust fundamentals, strong tokenomics, and a global gig economy sector, JumpTask is looking forward to the next month’s opportunities.

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