JumpTask Monthly Update #2: June Highlights

4 min readJul 1, 2022

The JumpTask team releases its second monthly publication of the company’s achievements and statistics. June 2022 was an exciting month for JumpTask, as it involved a new earning type launch and a new partnership agreement — all in the same month.

> JumpTask launched a new way of Staking: users have total control of their staking amounts and periods without locking funds.> JumpTask dropped 250 $JMPT in its brand-new monthly give-away – Windrop.> JumpTask agreed on a new partnership with Wizardia – a fast-growing P2E app.> Juozapas M. Preikša, CEO of JumpTask, delivered the first-ever live AMA session to address the growing community.> Over 200k+ users joined JumpTask in June, double the number of new joiners seen in May.

Key Highlights

JumpTask already attracted more than 750k+ active users while running for six months only. In June, the team celebrated key achievements which helped to grow its user base faster than ever before:

Fluid Staking. JumpTask released its most-awaited earning type — Staking:

  • More than 20,000 JumpTokens were staked in the first 12 hours. The APR initially stood at 318% and ended up at 150% after the first 12 hours of staking.
  • The APR stood at 25.6%, with 71,238 $JMPT in the staking pool at the end of June.

Monthly Windrop. JumpTask launched its monthly edition of $JMPT drop to its users — Windrop. 25 lucky winners shared a 250 prize pool in June — the same rules apply for July.

AMA #2 session. Juozapas M. Preikša, the CEO of JumpTask, delivered the 2nd AMA (Ask Me Anything) session during which he answered questions about JumpTask — it was the first AMA that took place live. You can watch the video recording below:

New Partnership. JumpTask agreed on a partnership with Wizardia, a growing P2E app. Onboarding new partners plays a significant role in JumpTask’s growth strategy. More details about the partnership are coming!


Key Statistics

JumpTask showed strong performance during the month, as the team predicted. More than 200k members joined the JumpTask user base due to the long-awaited Staking introduction. The $JMPT price stood slightly higher than the previous month at $1.95.


Platform Development and Other Activities

The JumpTask team worked on many fronts during June:

  • Staking Upgrades. Developers were continuously improving dashboards and sorting any arising issues as JumpTask launched its Staking earning type. The team also worked on extensive marketing campaigns to support its Staking initiatives.
  • New Website. JumpTask developers and designers were working on the new website development, including new landing pages and dashboards to take user experience to the next level. The website is expected to be ready in the coming months.
  • Windrop Campaign. As planned, JumpTask developed its regular monthly $JMPT giveaway — Windrop. June’s windrop turned out to be a success, with 25 winners getting 10 tokens each.


Crypto Market Overview

The current crypto market sentiment is closely linked to the traditional market performance, namely stocks. S&P 500, a major US stock index, is currently down 20% year-to-date.

The changing macroeconomic environment is the key driver of the current market downturn, with central banks raising interest rates to combat inflation.

However, this is part of the business cycle: markets experience expansion and contraction periods, which investors should be mindful of when making investment decisions.

Nevertheless, companies with solid balance sheets and liquidity will continue to operate through the current market conditions. The same goes for crypto projects based on strong tokenomics and utility rather than hype and speculation.


Next: Upcoming Updates

JumpTask will focus on building its product and community further in July:

  • Progressive Offers Launch. JumpTask is currently developing and plans to introduce a new offer in its Offerwalls module: progressive offers. These will be tasks where users can level up and collect $JMPT rewards based on their level. Estimated release date is Jul 11, 2022.
  • Wizardia Partnership Launch. JumpTask is developing a new set of offers for its users in the P2E (play to earn) space with its new partner — Wizardia. More details to follow.
  • AMA #3. The JumpTask community is expanding rapidly, with new members joining every day. Therefore, JumpTask will continue to roll out its monthly AMA sessions.
  • Windrop. JumpTask will drop 250 more $JMPT in July, with the same rules: get 10 or more tokens and HODL for at least 10 days.

JumpTask reached substantial milestones despite the ongoing downward sentiment in the general crypto market. Backed with robust fundamentals, strong tokenomics, and a global gig economy sector, JumpTask is looking forward to the next month’s opportunities.

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