JumpTask Monthly Update #2: February Highlights

3 min readMar 6, 2023

JumpTask releases the 2nd monthly publication of 2023, illustrating the project’s milestones and events during the month.

February 2023 was a successful month for JumpTask: the team launched its Referral Program, introduced new Galxe Events, and listed $JMPT on a centralized exchange BKEX — and that’s not all.

Scroll to see the full details of JumpTask’s February progress below.

4 Key Highlights

1/4 Referral Program Launch

In February, JumpTask finally launched its long-awaited referral program. The way it works is simple: you can invite friends to the platform and earn $JMPT bonuses — both you and your friend!

What are the bonuses? You get +10% of all earnings that your friends collect (they keep the whole sum, you get a 10% additional bonus). At the same time, your friends get a one-time +20% Earning Bonus on their first completed task.

Check the Referral program here to learn how to invite friends:

2/4 Galxe Events

Another highlight of JumpTask was multiple events on Galxe platform. Check the JumpTask space here to participate and claim collectibles.

Winter Quests contest has been extended until 31 March: people can still claim NFT collectibles by completing simple tasks. Additionally, everyone can still win in the 8,500 $JMPT Prize Pool by staking $JMPT in one of the pools. Find how to participate and win $JMPT here.

During the month, JumpTask also released other collectibles such as a limited-edition mystery box and $JMPT’s first burn NFT, all to be claimed on Galxe. Make sure to follow JumpTask Space on Galxe to know first about the latest news.

3/4 Valentine’s Boost +20%

For Valentine’s day 2023, JumpTask released a three day promotion — a 20% earnings boost on all offers. Even though the boost has ended, JumpTask also dropped more high-paying offers in the dashboard’s ‘Top picks for you’ section. Click here for a quick look.

4/4 $JMPT CEX listing

$JMPT was listed on the BKEX centralized exchange. Investors have now the opportunity to purchase JMPT both on DEX PancakeSwap and CEX. This was a significant achievement for JumpTask, as its CEX listing will open doors to further listings, a growing investor base, and more.

Key Statistics

JumpTask showed solid growth during February 2023. 261k new people joined the platform during the month, illustrating that the platform continues its stable user base growth. The $JMPT price stood lower than the previous month at $2.16.

What’s coming in March?

New Staking Pools. JumpTask is working on a major update on the JumpTask platform — an upgrade towards its staking system. Being already months in development, the pools are expected to be launched in the middle of March, 2023. Follow JumpTask socials for the latest announcements.

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