JumpTask Monthly Update #1: May Highlights

> The JumpTask user base increased by 100k+ since April and topped 500k+ total users;> JumpTask launched its first Airdrop and released the platform’s android app in May.> The team plans to introduce the Staking earning module in June, which will allow JMPT investors to maximize their earnings.> Despite the crypto market turbulence, JumpTask continues to grow due to its robust business model.
  1. Staking Rewards. The team developed the system and dashboards for investors. Also, the group invested resources into marketing campaigns to promote the upcoming earning mode, which is launching this June.
  2. New Website. As the community grows and the team prepares for new earning opportunity launches, the JumpTask developers and designers are working hard to update the website. They will provide more customer-friendly service to businesses, users, and investors.
  3. Offerwalls Upgrades. The team constantly improved its Offerwalls microtask earning mode and introduced new features such as offer sorting. As global workers want to complete tasks more conveniently, the JumpTask team is meeting the needs of its platform members.
  1. Staking. JumpTask will release the new earning type in June 2022
  2. Windrop. The team will be organizing a monthly token giveaway for its users, which will start in June. Starting from a total prize pool of 250 tokens, the team plans to introduce different options for winning $JMPT tokens and potentially increasing the total reward size in the future.
  3. AMA #2. In June, the 2nd session of AMA will be released with JumpTask co-founder and CEO Juozapas M. Preikša, who will be answering questions — this time live!
  4. New Partner Onboarding. The leadership of JumpTask is currently in talks with multiple partners and negotiating details of collaboration with JumpTask. The team seeks to increase available task offerings to its workers worldwide.



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JumpTask - the gig economy-based marketplace that allows companies to make the most out of the collective skills possessed by a globally dispersed workforce.