JumpTask Monthly Update #1: January Highlights

3 min readFeb 10, 2023

JumpTask releases the 1st monthly publication of 2023, illustrating the project’s milestones and events during the month.

January 2023 marked a strong start of the year for JumpTask: the team reached significant milestones, secured new partnerships, and celebrated a special milestone — the 1 year anniversary of the gig economy project.

Read on to discover what made January special!

Top 3 Highlights

1. Winter Quests

The $25,000 in $JMPT Winter Quest contest is still going! During the month, 4 new quests were released, with participants sharing 125 $JMPT each week, and collecting free OAT NFTs.

The contest will be going until the end of February: every week, 5 participants still have a chance to win $25 $JMPT for each. At the end of the contest, those who were staking $JMPT will share the main Staking Prize Pool.

Joined Winter Quests already? Find out how to win on Galxe here:

2. New Partnership

The JumpTask team secured yet another partnership with a global Offer provider — AdGem. JumpTask users can now find multiple offers from Adgem in the dashboard’s Offers section.

AdGem is already a 4th Offerwall provider on JumpTask, among AyetStudios, Offertoro, and AdGateMedia. With the JumpTask platform scaling successfully, JumpTask aims to sign more partnerships in the rest of the year.

3. Upgraded Website

JumpTask released its new website, where users can now find useful information about the project, its goals and milestones, and more. The upgraded design and enhanced features enable users to navigate more easily and find information quickly.

Check out our new website here:

Key Statistics

JumpTask showed solid growth during January 2023. 210k new people joined the platform during the month. This resulted in a notable achievement: JumpTask surpassed 2 million members worldwide since its launch a year ago, in January 2022!

The $JMPT price stood higher than the previous month at $2.34, keeping the price relatively stable when compared to previous months. You can check the full price performance of $JMPT here:


Platform Development and Other Activities

  • Partial Staking. Users can now stake $JMPT in smaller sums after they enter the pool. For example, after staking 10 $JMPT in the Starter Pool, users can stake 5, 2, or even 1 $JMPT. This allows investors to collect rewards faster.
  • New Website. The development team finally launched the new website at the end of the month. The team is currently working on bug fixes and upgrades.

Crypto Market Overview

The overall crypto market experienced a rise in January 2023. Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, rose from around $16.6k to $22.8k, a solid increase of 37.3%. This was due to improved investor confidence as inflation slowed in 2023.

However, the economic uncertainty is still ongoing, meaning that asset fluctuations in stock and cryptocurrency markets are likely during the year.

Updates Coming in February

CEX Listing. JumpTask is ready to list on BKEX exchange — you can read more information here.

With the 1st month of the year done, JumpTask is already all eyes on the next one: $JMPT CEX Listing on BKEX is coming!

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