Introducing Surveys — Monetize Your Opinion on Jumptask

> Online surveys is a $4.9B+ industry, expected to reach $13.8B by 2026;> Businesses use surveys to collect valuable market intelligence, while individuals complete surveys to monetize their opinions;> Decentralization can transform the market and make it more efficient and profitable for businesses and individuals;> JumpTask is introducing the beta version of Surveys earning type on 11 Aug 2022.
*CAGR — compounded annual growth rate
  • Individuals: online surveys provide an easy way for gig workers to earn and monetize their free time by simply sharing their opinions.
  • Businesses: companies get a chance to improve their products and services by receiving valuable feedback from customers. At the end of the day, this benefits individuals too, who get higher quality offerings from companies.

Discover other high-growth markets JumpTask is targeting:

  • Earning Potential. People will earn crypto upon survey completions in a decentralized system. This boosts the earning potential, as crypto tokens have the probability of appreciation or can be used in staking. Currently, people can only earn fiat currency from surveys.
  • Gamification. Web 3.0 can make the survey experience more enjoyable. For example, people could earn crypto and collect achievements for survey completions in the form of NFTs. These could be later traded on the market for profit.
  • Faster Distribution. With AI’s help, decentralization would eliminate friction in the market. Businesses would receive and interpret survey data faster, with no middlemen involved. Additionally, freelancers would receive payments promptly after completing surveys.



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