Introducing Staking Upgrade: Starter, Earner, Pro

Read more about the benefits of JumpTask staking in our original article:

  • Fluid Starter — entry from 10 JMPT
  • Fluid Earner — entry from 100 JMPT
  • Fluid Pro — entry from 1000 JMPT
  1. Fixed (Classic) Staking. This kind of staking will be based on fixed APY (annual percentage yield), which is expected to attract even more crypto investors to the ecosystem of JumpTask.
  2. APR Calculation Upgrade. Currently, the Fluid Staking APR depends solely on the total amount of JMPT staked. In the future, the team plans to introduce a reward system dependent on the total JMPT turnover in the ecosystem.



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JumpTask - the gig economy-based marketplace that allows companies to make the most out of the collective skills possessed by a globally dispersed workforce.