Introducing Staking Upgrade: Starter, Gainer, Pro

3 min readAug 19, 2022

105,509 JMPT were staked in less than 2 months on JumpTask. What’s next?

As the team recently celebrated its 1M user milestone, JumpTask also reached another significant achievement: its Fluid Staking pool topped 100K JMPT staked.

JumpTask is introducing a tier-based system into its Fluid Staking, providing even more benefits to JMPT holders.

Note: the upgrade is in a limited edition only. It will last for 2 months.


Original Staking Pool

On 16 June 2022, JumpTask launched its first-ever staking pool, Fluid Staking. Since then, it has received tremendous interest from the JumpTask community.

Read more about the benefits of JumpTask staking in our original article:

Currently, Fluid Staking includes a dynamic APR, which depends on the total number of JMPT in the staking pool. As the number of crypto investors who are staking increased, the APR gradually declined, as JMPT rewards are shared between all staking participants.

JumpTask is introducing a tier-based mechanism which allows investors to increase their rewards. People who stake higher amounts of JMPT will move to higher tiers, in which rewards will tend to be higher, as the number of participants is expected to be lower.


Fluid Staking — Three Tiers

JumpTask is upgrading its Fluid Staking into three separate pools:

  • Fluid Starter — entry from 10 JMPT
  • Fluid Gainer — entry from 100 JMPT
  • Fluid Pro — entry from 1000 JMPT

Instead of one Fluid Staking pool, JumpTask will have three: Starter, Gainer, and Pro. All pools will keep the same benefits as the original pool: no token locking, no penalties of exit, and flexible reward distribution. The only difference will be the entry requirement.

Each pool will also have its own APR, which is calculated separately from others. As a result, crypto investors that stake 1000+ JMPT will share the reward only among those who belong to the Fluid Pro Pool.

Initially, the Pro pool is expected to have fewer investors than the Starter pool, which will mean a higher APR in the Pro Pool.


Importantly, all currently staked JMPT will be in the Fluid Starter pool. After introducing the three tiers, crypto investors can transfer their stakes to a different pool, depending on how many JMPT they are staking.

One thing is sure: as with the original Fluid Staking pool, the earliest investors will benefit the most, as APR is dynamic and shared between all staking pool participants.


Future of JumpTask Staking

JumpTask continues to innovate and introduce new features into its Staking pools. The future holds two key areas for improvement:

  1. Fixed (Classic) Staking. This kind of staking will be based on fixed APY (annual percentage yield), which is expected to attract even more crypto investors to the ecosystem of JumpTask.
  2. APR Calculation Upgrade. Currently, the Fluid Staking APR depends solely on the total amount of JMPT staked. In the future, the team plans to introduce a reward system dependent on the total JMPT turnover in the ecosystem.

For example, the more users are completing tasks and earning JMPT, the higher APR that crypto investors receive will be.

As JumpTask is growing quickly, the team introduces new features to its platform monthly. For crypto investors, the staking upgrade brings a fresh opportunity to maximize their JMPT rewards.

For JumpTask users, the team recently released a new earning type — Surveys — available now:

With JumpTask growth accelerating, the trajectory of JumpTask is clear: taking small steps to transforming the $400B gig economy sector using decentralization. Join this mission today.

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