Introducing Staking — Maximizing Rewards on JumpTask

> JumpTask introduces a new way of Staking where users control their staking amounts and time periods without locking funds;> Staking offers a unique opportunity for JumpTask users to maximize their returns - by transferring their existing JMPT tokens to a staked pool that generates rewards;> JumpTask launches Fluid Staking - a new way to stake crypto where APR depends on the total staked pool;> The team is introducing Staking as a third earning option. This will add to the existing two successful task types- Offerwalls and Bandwidth Sharing;> JumpTask community grew quickly in its first months - reaching 550k+ active members, and giving out 1M+ in JMPT rewards.
  • First, JMPT staking provides above-average returns for early investors;
  • Second, JumpTask users benefit from flexible platform features;
  • Third, JMPT staking avoids risks associated with staking.
  1. Above-Average Rewards. Early investors will benefit from staking the most, because as more members join the pool, the rewards tend to stabilize. That’s because the staking rewards are shared between all participating investors;
  2. Profitability. People who invest early can acquire JMPT tokens at a relatively low price. When demand for JumpToken increases, its price will rise. Therefore, early JMPT stakeholders will have an advantage, as later investors will need to purchase JMPT at a higher price.
  1. Free Entry and Exit — There is no cooldown period, meaning that investors can enter and exit the staked pool at any time without waiting;
  2. Unlimited Access — All JMPT holders are eligible to access staking campaigns, and there are no restrictions;
  3. Easy Start — Staked pool participants can stake from only 10 JMPT tokens, meaning that small investors can join and try staking without too much risk;
  4. No Token Locking — Investors can withdraw their staked tokens at any time. In Fluid Staking though, they have to keep the tokens for at least 10 minutes to collect the rewards;
  5. Penalty-Free Exit — Investors can exit the staked pool early without any penalties/fines.
  1. Long Token Locking Periods — very often, investors need to lock their tokens for a long time, sometimes months. This restricts investors from withdrawing their stake if they wish to. JumpTask staking platform, on the other hand, has no locking period;
  2. Penalties for Exit — usually investors get charged large penalties for leaving the staked pool early before it closes. This prevents users from joining in the first place. JumpTask, however, does not have any penalties;
  3. Limited Access — some platforms only allow users to stake from limited amounts and require them to meet various conditions that complicates the experience. On JumpTask, the system is streamlined, and users only need 10 JMPT tokens to start;
  4. Slow Reward Distribution — crypto projects tend to transfer staking rewards long after the initial tokens were staked. This limits the flexibility of users to re-stake or withdraw their tokens. Again, JumpTask covers this with its Fluid Staking — which distributes rewards every 10 minutes.



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