Introducing Staking — Maximizing Rewards on JumpTask

5 min readJun 7, 2022


It took JumpTask less than five months to bring 550k+ members on board and give out 1M+ dollars in payouts. And this is just the beginning, as the team plans a platform expansion in the coming months. As the user base is growing quickly, JumpTask decided to fast-track the launch of its most-anticipated earning mode yet.


> JumpTask introduces a new way of Staking where users control their staking amounts and time periods without locking funds;> Staking offers a unique opportunity for JumpTask users to maximize their returns - by transferring their existing JMPT tokens to a staked pool that generates rewards;> JumpTask launches Fluid Staking - a new way to stake crypto where APR depends on the total staked pool;> The team is introducing Staking as a third earning option. This will add to the existing two successful task types- Offerwalls and Bandwidth Sharing;> JumpTask community grew quickly in its first months - reaching 550k+ active members, and giving out 1M+ in JMPT rewards.

Earlier this year, JumpTask successfully launched two earning opportunities. With Honeygain, users can earn JMPT effortlessly by sharing their internet bandwidth. And with Offerwalls, gig workers complete simple microtasks to gain JumpTokens.

Now, it is time for a third earning installment — Staking — to take the spotlight this June and give JumpTask users a way to maximize their earnings — instantly.

Staking Overview

JumpTask users will have a unique opportunity to put their JMPT tokens to work for them. The main benefit is additional earnings — members use their existing JMPT tokens to earn JMPT rewards. JumpTask offers a convenient new way of staking for its users, which outperforms staking opportunities in other crypto projects.

As shown in the chart below, the staking mechanism is very simple. In order to stake, members need to hold JumpToken. To get JMPT, people need to either complete microtasks on the JumpTask platform or buy JMPT on a decentralized exchange like Pancakeswap.

While holding JMPTs, users can transfer their JumpTokens to the staked pool on the JumpTask dashboard, which holds JMPT tokens staked by all participants. The rewards are then calculated and distributed to the JumpTask account of each user. Finally, users can transfer the rewards back to their crypto wallets within seconds.

The JumpTask team developed a safe environment for its users and investors to participate in staking. All JMPT stakers reap the benefits of staking in several ways:

  • First, JMPT staking provides above-average returns for early investors;
  • Second, JumpTask users benefit from flexible platform features;
  • Third, JMPT staking avoids risks associated with staking.

Staking Rewards

Upon launching staking, JumpTask will present its first staking campaign — Fluid Staking. The staking rewards will work as follows: when investors stake JMPT, they collect rewards every 10 minutes based on dynamic APR (Annual Percentage Reward). APR works as simple interest on your investment — the trick is that it changes every 10 minutes.

The staking reward size depends on the staked pool size and individual staked amount of each user. For example, when the pool is relatively small, the rewards are shared between a small number of participants. Additionally, the more individuals stake, the larger the resulting reward will be.

However, early investors in the staking campaign will benefit in two significant ways:

  1. Above-Average Rewards. Early investors will benefit from staking the most, because as more members join the pool, the rewards tend to stabilize. That’s because the staking rewards are shared between all participating investors;
  2. Profitability. People who invest early can acquire JMPT tokens at a relatively low price. When demand for JumpToken increases, its price will rise. Therefore, early JMPT stakeholders will have an advantage, as later investors will need to purchase JMPT at a higher price.

Overall, staking provides an opportunity for JMPT holders to increase their earnings. There is, however, a twist in JumpTask staking mode, as users are provided with a key advantage compared to other platforms: flexibility.

Staking Security and Flexibility

When users join the JMPT staking campaigns, they benefit from several key features:

  1. Free Entry and Exit — There is no cooldown period, meaning that investors can enter and exit the staked pool at any time without waiting;
  2. Unlimited Access — All JMPT holders are eligible to access staking campaigns, and there are no restrictions;
  3. Easy Start — Staked pool participants can stake from only 10 JMPT tokens, meaning that small investors can join and try staking without too much risk;
  4. No Token Locking — Investors can withdraw their staked tokens at any time. In Fluid Staking though, they have to keep the tokens for at least 10 minutes to collect the rewards;
  5. Penalty-Free Exit — Investors can exit the staked pool early without any penalties/fines.

JumpTask is looking to create a safe environment for its staking participants. Users can start small, understand how the platform works before increasing their staking amounts. Additionally, investors don’t need to worry about their tokens being locked for long amounts of time. They have control over the JMPT staked amount size and the staking time period.

Staking Limitations Elsewhere

Other crypto projects also have staking offerings. However, these differ from JumpTask platform in four key areas:

  1. Long Token Locking Periods — very often, investors need to lock their tokens for a long time, sometimes months. This restricts investors from withdrawing their stake if they wish to. JumpTask staking platform, on the other hand, has no locking period;
  2. Penalties for Exit — usually investors get charged large penalties for leaving the staked pool early before it closes. This prevents users from joining in the first place. JumpTask, however, does not have any penalties;
  3. Limited Access — some platforms only allow users to stake from limited amounts and require them to meet various conditions that complicates the experience. On JumpTask, the system is streamlined, and users only need 10 JMPT tokens to start;
  4. Slow Reward Distribution — crypto projects tend to transfer staking rewards long after the initial tokens were staked. This limits the flexibility of users to re-stake or withdraw their tokens. Again, JumpTask covers this with its Fluid Staking — which distributes rewards every 10 minutes.

Overall, JumpTask seeks to transform staking on several fronts. The team identified key areas where there is space for improvement and provides flexible features to improve user experience.

Staking — A Step in JumpTask Expansion Plan

JumpTask introduces staking as another earning opportunity for JMPT holders and gig workers. This comes as part of a bigger vision of JumpTask to transform the $500B gig economy sector with its decentralized platform. Moreover, JumpTask vision includes key markets that will support the platform for years to come.

The team plans to release its first staking campaign — Fluid Staking — in around 2 weeks time. Get ready, as JumpTask prepares to unlock the gates to its biggest earning opportunity yet. Be part of it.

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