Introducing Offerwalls — a Brand New Earning Opportunity Coming to JumpTask in March


- JumpTask will be launching the Beta version of its second earning module called Offerwalls on March 21- An offerwall is a lot like an in-app marketplace of offers users can complete in exchange for rewards (in this case – JMPT)- These offers can include surveys, app downloads, ad watching, and so on- The introduction of a new partner will bring a wider selection of microtasks, as well as higher demand for JMPT, raising its market value

What Offerwalls Are and How They Work

New task module preview on JumpTask web app
  • Trying out a particular service or app: by asking you to complete certain steps, the offer provider can see how smooth your experience is and how simple you find the in-app navigation
  • Trying out a new game: reaching a particular level in a game allows you to try different actions, form a stronger opinion, and see whether you genuinely enjoy it
  • Completing a survey or sharing an opinion on a particular service: helping companies understand their target audiences and their needs a lot better
  • Watching a short video, such as a commercial or a movie trailer etc.

The Impact of Launching the New Module

  • Every new partner needs to purchase JMPT to be able to compensate JumpTask users for the tasks they complete
  • The more new tasks are available to the user, the more of them get completed and the more rewards are issued in JMPT
  • As numbers of both JMPT transactions and holders constantly grow, so does the demand — and with the supply of the token remaining limited, this translates to boosts in value



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