Introducing JumpOffers: A First Step Towards JumpTask Marketplace Phase

3 min readOct 28, 2022

JumpTask is launching JumpOffers and gets closer to its second phase of the project — the Marketplace.

Back in March, JumpTask could only provide a few offers to users worldwide. The goal was then scalability: the team was signing offer providers that supply microtasks. Since this goal was accomplished, JumpTask now aims to improve the offer quality and enable businesses to set up their microtasks directly.

The second phase of the JumpTask project has just been launched, through JumpTask-branded microtasks — JumpOffers.

See how 1.52M+ JumpTask user base just got yet another opportunity to earn JMPT.

> JumpTask introduces JumpOffers, micro-tasks which people complete and earn JMPT;> JumpOffers bring increased availability, transaction speed, and support quality;> JumpOffers partners currently are Honeygain and Wizardia, a play-to-earn, NFT game;> The launch of JumpOffers initiates JumpTask’s project second phase: the marketplace.

Benefits of JumpOffers

There are two main benefits of JumpOffers:

1. Scalability

Originally, many Offerwalls microtasks had geographical restrictions and some freelancers did not have access to particular tasks.

JumpOffers, however, are more accessible. These new tasks are available in more countries than traditional Offerwalls tasks, which enables more people to engage with microtasks and earn $JMPT.


2. Quality

With JumpTask regular Offerwalls, offer providers face a huge traffic of incoming task completions. Occasionally this results in slower payouts to micro freelancers. Conversely, JumpOffers are set up by businesses directly instead of offer providers. This allows for faster payouts to JumpTask users, as businesses are dealing with their own tasks only.

Also, user support will be improved significantly. There will be less middlemen involved, which means the communication between businesses and JumpTask will be clear and efficient, without any delays. JumpTask will have a direct exposure to companies setting up tasks, resulting in overall increased partner satisfaction.


Initial JumpOffer Partners

JumpTask initially starts with two partners:

  1. Honeygain — new users can install Honeygain app, share 2GB, and earn a JMPT reward;
  2. Wizardia — users will get a special 5% discount on purchasing NFTs to participate in the Play To Earn (P2E) game, on top of the JMPT reward.

In the future, JumpTask plans to introduce more partners within the JumpOffers category, as the platform moves towards the second stage of the project — the Marketplace.


Project Phases

How will the JumpTask project move forward? The team developed a roadmap that consists of 3 phases:

1. Direct Business

JumpTask focuses on onboarding partners which are interested in outsourcing microtasks. These are JumpTask’s current partners like Offertoro, AdGateMedia, and ayeT-Studios.

In this phase, JumpTask monitors all aspects of the process — how tasks are set up, what are task completion criteria and the size of payouts.


2. Marketplace

In this stage, businesses come directly with their microtask offers, without the need of offer providers. This allows any business to set up tasks on the JumpTask platform.

JumpTask will still be available to assist. However, partners will set the task completion rules themselves and have more autonomy in determining the $JMPT reward size.


3. Decentralized Protocol

JumpTask will create smart contracts for each task type in the decentralized protocol phase. All partners will be able to create specific task rules using smart contract templates and specify the type of freelancers who will be completing the tasks.

Freelancers will be able to complete tasks and earn JMPT, with all satisfied smart contracts being stored on the blockchain. The ecosystem will be completely decentralized at this point.

JumpTask is heading towards its second project phase, Marketplace, with its JumpOffers microtasks. This comes in line with the project’s roadmap, as JumpTask seeks to decentralize the gig economy and provide an opportunity to earn money — for anyone, anywhere.

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