How Will One Person Burn 39M+ $JMPT?

2 min readFeb 24, 2023


The JumpTask first-ever burn event is here! As one of the biggest-events of 2023 is getting closer on March 1, the team is preparing to remove 39% of the token’s total supply. You can read more about the JumpTask burning events in our whitepaper or website.

JumpTask will add a small twist: the team prepared a special smart contract for burning $JMPT tokens. All the tokens are currently locked in the smart contract, and anyone will be able to trigger the burning. The first person to do that will receive an exclusive, one of a kind NFT on Galxe.

The Time and Place

The First $JMPT Burn will take place on March 1, 2023, 15:00 UTC+0

The Prize

Only one exclusive NFT for the first person who will trigger the burn smart contract exactly on the time of the event.

How Can I Participate?

In order to burn allocated tokens in the smart contract, people will need to trigger its burn() method. Burning smart contract is deployed on BSC Mainnet network and its address is:


You can trigger burning with any available tools, scripts or WEB UIs. For example:

Use WEB UI and trigger burn() method from here:

  1. Select ‘Write Contract’ tab
  2. Connect your Web3 wallet
  3. *Trigger burn() method via ‘Write’ button.

*You will have to pay a small BNB gas fee to trigger the burn smart contract

If you are familiar with scripting, write a script to trigger the burn() method on the contract address as soon as burning is available (e.g. using Web3JS, Web3Py or any other available libraries) and be the first one who executes the method successfully.

When this method is successfully executed, all $JMPT tokens available in the smart contract’s balance will be burned, and the wallet which has successfully triggered it will be the winner.

How To Claim the NFT If I’m Lucky?

The lucky person to burn $JMPT will need to go to to claim the NFT. They will need to connect with the same MetaMask wallet. If the person was the first to trigger the contract, the NFT will be available to claim on JumpTask Space at

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