5 Biggest Markets of JumpTask Gig Economy Marketplace

6 min readMay 27, 2022


It often seems as though the world is moving faster every day. Sometimes it’s even hard to keep up with all the technological and economic changes our countries are experiencing. However, some industries grow faster than others and will dominate in the future economies. At JumpTask, being quick on your feet and adapting to the changing world is key to success, and JumpTask is about to unlock it.


> JumpTask plans to create a platform driven by Web 3.0 features to effectively match businesses and workers in the future gig economy.> The platform’s community quickly grew to 500k+ members and is planning to reach 1M active users in the first half of 2022.> JumpTask aims to target specific industries with its task offering: AI training, Online Survey, Fraud Detection, Application Testing and Translation markets.> JumpTask is on a mission to help companies improve technological solutions and contribute to creating a safer online environment.

JumpTask has a bold vision to revolutionize the future gig economy by providing a platform fuelled by Web 3.0 features. The mission is going well so far: in its first five months, the community of active members quickly grew to 500k and shows no signs of slowing down! To disrupt a $500B+ industry, one has to identify the key sectors gig workers will be working in today and for years to come. After long research, planning, and execution, the team came up with a strategy to target specific sectors to make sure JumpTask is always on the cutting edge of its game.

The Global AI Training Data Market

Artificial Intelligence (AI) training is a global industry expected to grow rapidly into the future. The sector is gaining momentum with a valuation of more than $1.4B last year. Until 2030, the AI training market will grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.2%. As demand for technological solutions increases, companies implement AI technologies into their processes. However, there is a catch: for AI to come into its full force, it first must be trained to perform various tasks and needs a lot of data. That’s where JumpTask comes in.

JumpTask will offer simple microtasks to its workers for AI and ML (machine learning) model development. When users do image recognition, captcha text verification or video labelling — all this input data is fed into an AI model development. JumpTask will enable businesses to crowdsource thousands of workers who generate massive amounts of data. In turn, the data will accelerate AI training and adoption by companies.

The Online Survey Market

The online Survey Software Market is estimated to reach a $13.8B market size by 2026. Online survey popularity is not surprising, because companies are ramping up their marketing efforts in an increasingly competitive environment. To do this, businesses use surveys to collect market intelligence and tailor their marketing campaigns accordingly to increase efficiency.

Again, JumpTask provides a platform that perfectly fulfills the need for online survey completion. In an upcoming JumpTask module, workers will complete simple survey microtasks according to their interests. As each survey will be targeted to a specific audience, users will be able to pick surveys that excite them the most. At the same time, companies will benefit from a worldwide pool of workers providing data when completing surveys.

The Fraud Detection and Prevention Market

With the benefits of increased digitalization also come risks of internet fraud. As more businesses and workers go online, some individuals spread false information and take advantage of others. Fraudulent activity includes but is not limited to false advertising that drags people in. To prevent this, companies use software to detect misleading information. However, AI-powered software needs human input data first to work accurately.

JumpTask is preparing to help businesses prevent fraudulent online activity with its future ad verification module. Specifically, workers will complete simple microtasks of ad viewing and element identification to verify that the shown data is correct. The companies would then use the data to improve fraud detection software. Moreover, the JumpTask could assist with machine learning training regarding identity verification and other types of fraud.

By helping to improve fraud detection software, JumpTask seeks to contribute to a safe business environment. This includes helping to detect fake company profiles, track down online theft and battle other fraudulent activities. JumpTask is preparing to join the quest of creating a safer online community globally.

The Global Mobile Application Testing Market

The JumpTask targeted markets include the Mobile Application Testing industry. Even with an estimated size topping $5B in 2021, the market is expected to show double-digit growth until 2028. As worldwide digitalization continues, companies need to develop apps more efficiently. To do that, they need to test them first — and JumpTask comes in strong to fill this need.

The JumpTask crowdsourcing platform benefits all. Companies have access to workers from different backgrounds which helps in application development. Businesses can identify which features need improvement to boost user experience. Workers, on the other hand, have a unique chance to test the latest applications, provide help for companies, and get paid in return!

The Global Translation Services Market

With more and more businesses accessing global audiences, it’s important to improve the customer experience to be ahead of the competition. One of the ways to do this is by providing clients with services in their native languages. Businesses need people who can translate text pieces into multiple languages at scale. Again, thanks to the JumpTask platform, this will become easier than before.

JumpTask is currently planning to roll out its translation module. Companies set up translation tasks for workers to fulfill and benefit from the worldwide pool of translators. This provides flexibility and cost-efficiency for businesses. Workers benefit too: according to their language skills, they can pick a microtask with a language they are familiar with. The best thing is that the microtasks will not require specific industry knowledge and will be available to everyone anywhere in the world.

Growth Opportunities Ahead

JumpTask has a quickly growing community of 500K+ workers, which is projected to hit 1M members in the first half of this year. The team put a lot of effort into developing its business model and product to provide value to its partners and workers around the world. JumpTask seeks to be a go-to place for businesses and individuals in the gig economy. To become a leader in the industry, JumpTask set ambitious goals to target stable billion-dollar industries which will grow in the future.

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