4 Reasons Why $JMPT Price Is Going Up That Investors Should Know

4 min readSep 30, 2022

+23.45% — that’s how much JumpToken’s ($JMPT) price is currently up since January. Why?

People interested in crypto are cautious (and should be) about investing in projects. There are many examples of project owners artificially hyping up the price without any value proposition.

The natural question is: how to decide if the token’s price accurately reflects the project’s success? By assessing the project’s vision and fundamentals.

JumpTask lists 4 reasons why the $JMPT price has grown in 2022 and is expected to increase in the future.



1. An Ecosystem Backed By Real People

The true strength of JumpTask (and of $JMPT) is the platform’s backbone — the micro freelancing economy.

JumpTask offers tasks that people complete to get paid in $JMPT. People worldwide are interacting with the platform, which currently has a total user base of 1,375,156.

Therefore, rather than making unrealistic promises or asking people to buy into the project to access future gains, JumpTask offers something different: a functioning economy of freelancers and businesses transacting in $JMPT.

As the user base grows and more tasks are completed, the $JMPT turnover increases, which translates into JumpToken’s price growth.

2. A Constant Demand Loop

Another support level of $JMPT’s price comes from JumpTask’s partners.

When companies join the ecosystem, they bring micro-tasks for people to complete. Partners need to buy $JMPT to reimburse freelancers for task completions.

As a result, there is a constant demand for JumpTokens, which drives its price up. When some people cash out, partners immediately repurchase the tokens, which helps to avoid price falls.

There is also a limited supply of $JMPT, which helps to maintain the price level. Finally, some users choose to stake $JMPT or HODL, adding another support level to the price.

3. Expanding Task Offering

JumpTask is constantly releasing new earning types, which helps to attract new people to the platform.

The platform currently has the following ways to earn:

  • Internet bandwidth sharing
  • Offerwalls
  • Games
  • Surveys
  • Staking

This explains why the JumpTask user base has grown exponentially: the platform has a large pool of different tasks for various preferences.

Consequently, a rich task offering accelerates the $JMPT turnover and adoption worldwide, which ultimately increases the token’s price.

In the future, JumpTask plans to introduce 10+ more earning opportunities. It also targets 5 key markets that forms the backbone of JumpTask’s long-term growth strategy:

4. The Growing Gig Economy


As JumpTask grows, it will provide more freelancers with tools to earn flexibly in the gig economy. This will happen for three reasons:

  1. Introduction of multiple earning types, which helps to attract a diverse user base;
  2. Plan to offer more complex tasks which attract new audiences to the platform;
  3. Global coverage: offer earning opportunities to people from anywhere in the world.


The gig sector is expanding rapidly: approximately 52% of the US workforce will work in the gig economy or have worked independently at some point by 2023.

As $JMPT gains wider adoption in the global gig economy, its value will grow significantly.


Two critical accelerators for the gig economy sector are:

1. Covid-19 Effects

Since the pandemic, the labor market has changed dramatically. Remote working is growing in popularity: people can find opportunities to earn on the side from anywhere in the world.

There is also increased flexibility that comes with freelancing. People are increasingly trying to adapt work to their lifestyle, and not the other way around.

JumpTask helps with both: it includes tasks that can be completed anytime, anywhere, and people get paid within minutes.

2. Current Economic Conditions

Multiple countries around the world are experiencing high inflation. In short, inflation is the general increase in prices of goods and services. You can read more about it here:

As everything becomes more expensive, people are looking for ways to earn on the side. Consequently, side hustles are becoming popular because they help to cover the bills.

Overall, JumpTask has vital ingredients for a continued $JMPT success:

  1. A legitimate freelancer economy running on the platform;
  2. A worldwide user base and coverage;
  3. An expanding earning type offering;
  4. A vision to address the $400 billion gig economy sector.

The result?

A global community of freelancers, crypto investors, and businesses on one platform. Join it today.


Liking what you hear? Sign up on JumpTask. Invest in $JMPT. Join the revolution.




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