3 Steps That Will Lead JumpTask to the World of Decentralization

3 min readJan 26, 2022


The team of JumpTask has ambitious goals of decentralizing the remote work industry and becoming the ultimate bridge between gig workers and task providers by using Binance Smart Chain (BSC) smart contract templates for every type of task. However, if you look at JumpTask’s web dashboard right now and read about how it works, it might seem like a regular freelancing website with its own cryptocurrency (JumpToken, on JMPT) as the only distinction.

Is this a cause to worry? Not at all — and here’s why.

The JumpTask team has always prioritized creating a sustainable business model over building hype over a product that hasn’t yet been perfected.

The JumpTask team has always prioritized creating a sustainable business model over building hype over a product that hasn’t yet been perfected. This means that before jumping into decentralization, the platform has to start functioning as a direct business — onboard its partners, provide them with access to a global audience and help them develop a relationship with it. This ensures a smooth experience for both users and partners. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

As stated in JumpTask’s whitepaper, decentralization concepts will be introduced gradually: every new module will start in Phase 1 (Direct Business), go on to Phase 2 (Marketplace), and finish in Phase 3 (Decentralized Protocol). No matter the phase, all the transactions will be made in JMPT.

Phase 1: Direct Business

In the first phase, JumpTask will focus on finding and onboarding its partners — businesses that have an expressed interest in outsourcing microtasks.

The team understands perfectly well that starting to work with a new platform is already a big change for any company — and throwing them straight into decentralization and smart contracts could cause anyone’s head to spin! To simplify the first steps and ensure a hiccup-free start, JumpTask will mediate appropriate pricing and task offering in the Phase 1, as well as compensation mechanisms between business partners and users.

Phase 2: Marketplace

In the second phase, JumpTask will act like a crypto-fueled marketplace for microtasks.

JumpTask’s partners can still expect some help from the team at this stage, but they will also gain more autonomy and be able to make more decisions independently (e.g., set their own completion validation criteria). Users, in turn, will be able to pick out the tasks they want to complete from a selection that widens with every new module and partner introduced.

Phase 3: Decentralized Protocol

Finally, using the experience gathered and the principles developed in the previous phases, JumpTask will create smart contract templates for every module.

This step will take JumpTask to the world of decentralization, while also making it easier for users and partners to enter and fulfill agreements. Any partner will be able to set specific task rules using the template and sign a contract with the audience they are willing to target. Users will then be able to complete the tasks and earn directly, and all the fulfilled contracts will be stored on the blockchain. There will be no need for JumpTask to intervene.

As you can see, JumpTask has more than just an innovative approach and an ambitious goal: it’s also equipped with a precise step-by-step plan on how to make it happen. Join JumpTask now and watch how it skyrockets from the first-row seat.

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