2022 Q2 at JumpTask: Review and Future Plans

> JumpTask attracted 758K+ active users, 64K+ followers on social media, and 19K+ community members.> JumpTask launched Staking: investors can now earn passive $JMPT rewards by holding JumpTokens in the staked pool.> JumpTask signed a new partnership with Wizardia, a P2E (play to earn) platform – more details to follow.> JumpTask plans to launch its new website, sign partnerships, and release a new earning type in 2022 Q3.

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  1. Android App. JumpTask finally launched its android app to its users and investors. The development took months, and the team was excited to share a convenient way for workers and businesses to interact via its app.
  2. Airdrop and Windrop. JumpTask released its first-ever airdrop, followed by Windrop — a monthly giveaway to $JMPT holders. Users had a chance to share a 250 $JMPT prize pool, and the event will be happening monthly.
  3. Partnership in P2E. JumpTask agreed on a partnership with Wizardia, a growing P2E and NFT platform. The collaboration will bring unique offers to JumpTask users, and the team will release more details soon.
  4. Live AMA. Juozapas M. Preikša, CEO of JumpTask, delivered the first-ever live AMA session to address the growing community. JumpTask plans to hold monthly AMA discussions to keep the transparency and answer any questions from its users and investors.

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  1. New Website Launch. JumpTask significantly invested in its re-branding and website building, as mentioned in the latest monthly report. UX designers and developers are working to build an efficient and user-friendly website for users and investors.
  2. New Partnerships. At the end of Q2, JumpTask made initial contact with a TOP 50 crypto company to discuss partnership opportunities. JumpTask expects to close the deal during Q3, with more details coming soon.
  3. Progressive Offers. JumpTask plans to introduce a new task in its Offerwalls module: progressive offers. These will be tasks where users can level up and collect $JMPT rewards based on their level. The estimated release date is July 11, 2022.
  4. P2E Offers. JumpTask is developing a new set of offers for its users in the P2E space with its new partner — Wizardia. More details to follow.
  5. New Earning Type. After releasing its Staking earning type, JumpTask plans to release its fourth earning type. The new task type will target an important market of the gig-economy — the $500B industry JumpTask seeks to revolutionize.



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