2022 Q1 at JumpTask: Review and Future Plans

JumpTask launched in January 2022 — which means it’s not just March that’s now over but also the platform’s first quarter on the market. Let’s use this opportunity to review what the team has achieved up to this point, how our achievements are aligning with our initial plans, and what the platform’s users can expect to see in Q2!


- In Q1, JumpTask attracted 330K+ active users, 47K+ followers on social media, and 8K+ user community members.- The number of users holding JumpTokens (JMPT) in their crypto wallets grew to 100K+ by the end of March.- The platform introduced 2 earning modules (Bandwidth sharing and Offerwalls) and is planning to launch the third one (Staking) in Q2.- The teams’ other plans for Q2 include launching an Android application and introducing a referral program.

What We Achieved in Q1

Before launching JumpTask, we did extensive research on the current state of the gig economy so we could identify its weaknesses and offer existing and potential gig workers a more attractive option. We’re thrilled to see our efforts have been recognized:

in Q1, almost 330K people became JumpTask’s active users, and over 100K got some JumpTokens (JMPT) in their crypto wallets!

In addition to the user base, we also grew active and passionate user communities on Telegram, Discord, and Reddit. By the end of March, they had over 8K users following our announcements and updates, sharing their experiences, and having intense discussions.

Bearing in mind that we haven’t launched any massive marketing campaigns just yet, we could never have expected our user communities to grow and become so active in such a short period of time, so it was certainly one of Q1’s most pleasant surprises!

Our followings grew immensely on social networks, too. JumpTask is currently active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where it currently has 47K+ followers in total. Moreover, the overall reach of our posts and updates has surpassed 378K. This is massive for a project that’s only been launched a few months ago!

Most importantly, JumpTask has brought together a strong team of specialists who are not just enthusiastic about the project but are also experienced professionals in their respective fields. In Q2, we’re planning to accelerate the hiring process and make sure we have enough brains to keep improving JumpTask and lead it to success and fame on a global level.

In Q1 alone, the platform introduced two earning modules (one more than originally planned!) and three external partners that provided JumpTask users with online earning opportunities that require little to no effort.

The passive income application Honeygain became JumpTask’s first official partner in January. We’re happy to say the team has definitely made the right choice here: not only did Honeygain enable JumpTask users to earn by sharing their internet bandwidth, but it also helped us reach a massive audience of passive income enthusiasts all around the world. In addition to this, the Honeygain team helped the project’s marketing and development teams immensely by sharing their experience, know-how, and support.

The second earning module — Offerwalls — was introduced in March, and as some of our users have noticed, it didn’t go as smoothly at the very beginning. We spent months looking for reliable partners, and some of the companies we talked to turned out to be incapable of providing quality services, including sufficient task supply, timely verification and compensation.

While we finally succeeded in onboarding two strong partners (AyE Studios and Offertoro), the module remains in its Beta mode for now. Our developers are doing their best to test and perfect it, and the lookout for new promising partners is ongoing.

What You Can Expect in Q2

In Q1, we expected to attract 100K active users — and the actual results were three times better! Our initial goal to reach our first 1M users in Q2 doesn’t seem so wildly ambitious now, does it? We’re feeling pretty certain we’re going to achieve it by the end of June!

Based on the data we have gathered on Q1, the graph below shows how we expect our user base to grow in the three upcoming months.

It’s important to note that these predictions were based on the current growth, assuming our user base will continue growing at the rate of 1,28% a day. The growing user base will undoubtedly impact JMPT’s value: the more users complete microtasks and earn rewards on the JumpTask ecosystem, the more JMPT our partners need to purchase to pay them. Since the supply of the token is limited and there are no plans to create any more in the future, growing demand will also grow the token’s market value.

Another factor positively affecting the price of JMPT is going to be the growing number of partners and earning modules. Each partner will have to keep a sizable balance in JMPT to be able to compensate the users for completing their tasks, so constant token purchases and growing demand are inevitable.

JumpTask initially planned to launch one earning module per quarter, with Bandwidth sharing being the plan for Q1 and Offerwalls for Q2. However, finding and onboarding multiple partners successfully has enabled us to launch both of them in Q1 — which means there’s another exciting earning module coming in Q2! This time, it’s going to be Staking: JumpTask will enable its users to earn passive income by staking the JMPT they have earned or bought on exchanges. And that’s far from all we have planned!

Android Application

It’s quick and easy to connect to JumpTask’s web dashboard using your browser — but a dedicated app is always a more user-friendly option. Right now, our developers are working hard on building and perfecting the JumpTask Android app, which will allow users to complete microtasks with added convenience and truly make the most of their free time.

We’re starting with Android now because of its larger market share. We also have an iOS app in our plans — but that’s something to expect in Q3!

Referral Program

In addition to all this, we’re looking to introduce an exclusive opportunity for our users to become JumpTask’s promoters and receive additional bonuses. While not officially called an earning module, the referral program will help JumpTask users boost their profits by spreading brand awareness and inviting more people to enjoy the benefits of earning crypto with simple microtasks.

Final Words

All in all, the first three months of 2022 have proved to be extremely successful for JumpTask. However, with such a massive user base, strong followings on social media, and active user communities, the team is not about to fall asleep on the laurels anytime soon!

Keep your eye on JumpTask — exciting times are just beginning.




JumpTask - a gig economy-based marketplace that allows companies to make the most out of the collective skills possessed by a globally dispersed workforce.

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JumpTask - a gig economy-based marketplace that allows companies to make the most out of the collective skills possessed by a globally dispersed workforce.

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